Reference Letters

Dear John

I would just like to commend you and your company Transking on the excellent service we have received since early March when we took delivery of a consignment of tyres from you.

Your promise and confidence in your product has duly been upheld and we are very pleased to recommend your company as well as your brand to anyone thinking about testing your tyres.As you know we currently run your TG 118 on our trailers which do in the region of 19 000km per month and the TG 866 which do around 23 000 km per month.

We switched from using recaps on the trailers and drive on the 8 tonners and have been amazed that since the switch we have saved huge amounts of money for two reasons , the breakdowns have virtually stopped due to tread coming off in the past on the recap casings and the hard rubber compound on the Transking giving us the additional mileage boosting our CPK.

It would be difficult right now to give an exact CPK as there is still so much tread depth left, however we do weekly surveys by measuring tread depth and we are predicting an excellent CPK on both the TG 118 and the TG 866.

It is now our strategy to change from running recaps in the entire fleet and to change completely to Transking, this will be phased in over a period of time as we have approximately 512 rolling tyres in our fleet.

Please feel free to let any of your potential clients phone me for a reference on your brand.


Kind Regards

Hylton Odendaal
Managing Director – Overall Road Express